Hi there, I'm Rob!

I'm a full stack software developer in New York, focused on Node & React/Redux. I was previously an advisor on Codecademy Pro.
I can build your entire project - your backend and your frontend.
Reach out if you'd like to work together!


Goei Scraper

Goei Scraper is a custom tool built for the Goei Group agency. The client needed an internal tool that works with some of their other internal software. The tool scrapes out data from other applications, parses it, and then converts the data into a CSV file usable in Excel, Numbers, or other data-based applications.

  • Technologies Used: Node.js, Express, Cheerio, json2csv, JavaScript
  • Services/APIs Used: Heroku, Github

Twilio Tasks

Twilio Tasks allows a user to send a task to the application via a text message. Other users can then reply to a posted task and offer to complete it for the original poster. The reply is both posted to the application and also sent via text message back to the user who created the task.

  • Technologies Used: Node.js, Express, Mongo, Mongoose, React, React Router, Redux, Superagent, Babel, Bluebird, Bcryptjs, Gulp, JsonWebToken, Webpack
  • Services/APIs Used: Twilio, Heroku, Github


Snapshot allows a user to upload an image with a caption to the application and then mark its location on a map. The app then shows all images that have been added to the map and changes as the user drags the map window around.

  • Technologies Used: Node.js, Express, Mongo, Mongoose, React, React Router, Redux, Superagent, Dropzone, Babel, Bluebird, Bcrypt, Gulp, Webpack
  • Services/APIs Used: Google Maps, Cloudinary, Heroku, Github

Email Microservice

This is an email microservice for my personal use. It allows me to send out email to multiple recipients at once, including html content, which can be used for newsletters. It is powered by the SendGrid API. This microservice can also be integrated into other projects to send emails for me.

  • Technologies Used: Node.js, Express, Bluebird, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap
  • Services/APIs Used: Sendgrid, Heroku, Github


  • User accounts/profiles
  • Google Maps integration
  • Image uploading with Cloudinary
  • JSON parsing of APIs, such as Instagram, Twitter, Yelp
  • SMS integration with Twilio
  • Email sending via SendGrid
  • Data scraping with Cheerio